09 December 2008

Barcelona - La Seu Cathedral and Columbus

Here is the inside of the La Seu Cathedral. We would have taken pics of the outside, but alas, the scaffolding. The inside was very beautiful (in that dark gothic kind of way, but I love that). Elora likes to visit churches for some reason. The only difficulty is keeping her quiet...
Here are the kids with Chris sitting underneath the organ. Elora loves to find the organs in every cathedral so she can point at the "organ pipes" and talk about how they play music (although I have never actually heard one play music).
Here is my favorite picture of the cathedral. I love all the intricate little details in the architecture of old buildings, and think it is absolutely incredible that these cathedrals could be built a long time ago. I found a tourist website that said it was built from 1298 - 1448. Wow. That is amazing!

This is the Colombus Monument that is down by Port Vell. It is funny, because I am totally lame and admitted to Chris that I always forget that Colombus is as much a part of Spanish history as American history... I have never seen a Colombus monument in the US, although I am sure there is one, and he seems so relevant to American history, and here is a huge monument to him in Spain which is just where he happened to come from... Okay, that is enough of my thoughts.

Elora loves statues, and was very excited to point at this one, and she especially enjoyed walking around it. There are a lot of different lion statues around the base, and she had to go and pet each one.

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