07 December 2008

Barcelona 24/7 - Park Guell

We went to a park designed by the architect Gaudi. It is huge... on top of a mountain... and has some interesting buildings, bridges, benches, etc.
Every dual camera carrying couple needs a picture of someone taking a picture.
Here I am in front of one of the buildings at the park. They look kind of like gingerbread houses. It is very fanciful looking, surreal. Different. Okay, I can't describe it, but Gaudi's designs are like nothing I have ever seen.

Here we have Elora engaged in one of her favorite pursuits - finding dandelions!

She was very considerate, and gave one to Ollie, who was incredibly excited, and proceeded to eat it. Luckily dandelions are edible flowers... Chris says they're just scaredy cats afterall... those dandy-nancy-boy-lions.

When we left the metro station there was construction, so instead of turning down the street that would take us to the entrance, we ended up walking all the way around the back and up the hugest hill I have ever seen in a city (bigger than San Francisco...) to the top of the park. Which ended up being a good thing, because if we had come in through the front, I am sure we never would have made it to the top to enjoy the beautiful views. The hill was so tall there were actually escalators.

But there was still a lot of uphill walking. Which is good, because we ate a lot of pastries that day... which have already been blogged about. We got to the good stuff first.

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