05 November 2008

Halloween Night Dinner (Flashback)

Elora loves her white Teddy so much we have actually bought 3 of them. One of them is in the US, in a cryogenic chamber to be preserved in case anything happens to the 2 here. The other two are with us in Wien. One is dirtier than the other and she actually likes the dirty one better. Earlier in the day Elora said that clean Teddy wanted to give dirty Teddy a bath and she went into the shower and started giving him a bath. She was very excited as she sat there giggling with her Teddys.
Now you're probably thinking Halloween is over, but Karen forgot to tell you about Dinner. We went back to the cafe Karen likes called Cafe Oberlaa Kur Konditorei. Everyone was flirting with lil' Ollie in his monkey suit. They said he was sehr Lustig. Which means he's just a cute little ball of happiness -- literally. All you have to do is grin at him and he breaks out in a huge smile and starts kicking his feet like crazy, meaning, "pick me up! pick me up! I'll smile more!" If you walk by him several times in a row without picking him up after the repeated smiling/happy kicking game he gets grumpy and makes sad noises. :(

I ordered the Goose! the Goose! It smells so good Mother! Goose is apparently a very traditional fall dinner item. Very pricey, but I couldn't resist as I sipped nonchalantly from my slender glass of room temperature Leitungs Wasser. It was very good (the Goose, not the tap water). But the weird red cabbage that was flavored with nutmeg was just too strange and the potato dumpling takes the words "bland and pasty" to a new level. But that's how they like it here, so maybe my tastes just aren't refined.

We ordered 2 desserts and Elora was very excited about the Schoko Mousse Torte - Chocolate mousse cake. She had a lot of fun eating every last drop of Schlagobers, which doesn't sound yummy, but is Austrian Whipped Cream -- no sugar, just whipped cream. It's not exciting to eat unless you have some with a bite of rich decedent cake. Notice the pirate tattoos on both hands.

- Fin -

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