23 November 2008

Barcelona Dinners & Desserts: it's all about the pastries

No blog post of a trip would be complete with out food. The restaurants were good and the desserts were better! There was an awesome pastry shop near the apartment. And we tried every other shop we saw too.

The chocolate in Barcelona is great. We stopped at a little cafe to try some hot chocolate and churros. The hot chocolate is very thick, dark and rich. Your heart would stop beating if you tried to drink a whole cup I think... And the churros are waaaaay better than the ones at Disneyland, which are a poor excuse for a Churro now that we know better.

So we found some good desserts in one shop and bought 4 of them (not including the chocolate croissants we picked up to have for the next morning). Elora was only interested in the Chocolate ones she actually turned down the creamy fruity one!

Ok, so this pizza is in memory of the bad experience we had. The restaurant was highly recommended, and the staff was nice, but the food not so much. Who ever heard of a canneloni with crunchy vegetables and no meat or cheese? (it wasn't even listed as a Veggie one.... says Chris). So after our expensive dinner we bought an expensive pizza which as you can see turned out... quite...umm ya.

Oliver really likes to eat. He's excited at one of the restaurants here as we fed him some Paella.

Here's Karen trying to interpret the menu since we only know how to say, "Hola, Si, Non, Gracias," and "Buena vista". Karen should know more coming from Mexifornia. Elora got especially good at saying "I don't speak Sppppaaaaaanish. Do you speak Spaaaannish Mama?"

Here's another pastry shop we had to stop at because we were STARVING and everything was closed for Siesta. They shut down pretty much everything from 3 to 8pm (or 9pm) so you can't go eat dinner at 7pm like you'd normally want to. This took some getting used to, and meant we were always loading up on pastries.
This was yummy. I should have ordered 2.
Unfortunately I didn't have a fork or plate so it got messy. It was kind of funny because all the little shops would delicately wrap up our pastries assuming we weren't pigs bent on devouring everything in minutes...
We uploaded a ton more photos of our Barcelona trip here. The city is amazing with tons to see so check it out. http://www.365daysinzion.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=63351

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