23 November 2008

Barcelonetta Beach

Even though it was November and the weather was 55-60 degrees with a bit of wind it felt great to us. Elora for some reason thought she should hike her shirt up and feel the breeze from the Ocean (errr Sea) air.
First her pants got wet, and then we didn't want her shirt to get wet so Elora and Chris went and splashed in the Mediterranean Sea together while Karen attempted to keep Ollie from eating sand.

Ollie was having fun too!

We came back to the beach on our last day. We tried to get pictures of the kids. You can see how well they look at the camera. Oliver is a little ham actually, but Elora purposely looks away.

Karen blames Chris for letting Oliver eat sand. But Chris was just trying to "capture the moment." Which is photographer speak for "not helping". Lots of more fun pictures of this if you follow the link below.
Here's just a cute one of Elora's whispy hair blowing in the wind.
Of course about 5 minutes before we were going to leave Elora got too close to the waves and was knocked over. She looked a little concerned but since we were telling her to be careful the whole time and she didn't listen to us and got splashed she had to put a good face on it and smile. She talks about the beach and says, "I went to the beach, I ran to the water and I swam away!"

We uploaded a ton more photos of our Barcelona trip here. The city is amazing with tons to see so check it out. http://www.365daysinzion.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=63351

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