26 November 2008

Barcelona - La Sagrada Familia - KFC

The Sagrada Famlia is a Cathadrale that was under construction when Gaudi (famous architect) died. There is a lot of symbolism in the construction. Everything Gaudi did had a very unique design that is just so different you can't take your eyes off it. The design has a very "organic" feel to it that feels almost like it blends with nature -- no straight lines. Karen said we should say more so thats what I said and now she is complaining and saying I sound like Wikipedia, which I don't I'm just giving my commentary on the unique aspect of the construction. She wants to give more family fun content, but I figure this is more interesting than something so boring as where we ate that night... Elora had a long day and passed out in Chris' arms. Karen typing now... I merely meant that anyone can go look for pics and descriptions of the cathedral. The point of a blog is to make it about us... and I did not choose to post all the pics of food, that is Chris' specialty...

(I always thought the point of blogs was to educate and enlighten but I guess that's just me.)

I think they could use another Crane. Somewhere in the middle maybe? It will be done in like 30 years and Elora told us "I come back and see it when its all done."
She woke up! (and was hungry). Here we are in Barcelona Spain and Chris insisted we eat at KFC. (Stef and Dawson these pics are for you!) After eating a whole bucket of chicken and some patates we took Elora to a park across the street from the Cathedrale to play. Elora was carrying around her patates and sharing them with the other kids.

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