30 November 2008

Barcelona - Europe's largest aquarium

More Barcelona stories... We decided to go to the aquarium because there was a sign that said something like "you haven't experienced Barcelona until you have seen L'Aquarium!" With advertising like that we had to go. They had a little kiddie area with lots of water/fish related activities. Here is a slide that was encased in a water vortex that Elora loved. Teddy also enjoyed it.
Oliver was very very excited by all the fish. He tried to eat them.
There was a long moving walkway that took you around underneath the main water tank with lots of sharks, and other big fishies. Elora went on it several times. She was very excited to point out all the different types of fish.

She was also excited to touch the ceiling. Here it looks like Elora is being sucked into either: A.) a parallel universe B.) back in time or into the future or C.) being translated and taken straight up to heaven.
Fortunately Chris was there to keep her firmly grounded in Barcelona.

The aquarium, which was billed as Europe's largest was actually quite small. But the moving walk way part was larger than you normally see at most aquariums so it balanced out. Interesting fact - a 1 day pass at the aquarium was almost as much as a year long pass for the Zoo in Vienna (the oldest zoo in the world in fact).

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