23 November 2008

Barcelona - Diocese / Gaudi Museum

This is the lock to the apartment we rented in Barcelona. It's always more fun to rent an apartment with kitchen, rooms, etc than stay in a hotel. The downside is you can sometimes be in a skeezy area of town. But we were in a cool place. The apartment was close to a lot of stuff, but where a lot of locals were too. The lock is pretty intense. Luckily no one tried to break in...

This is the Diocese Museum that was also featuring the works of a prominent Spanish architect named Gaudi. We only chose to go in because the outside was all medieval looking.
Ollie was so tired of being carted around all the time in the stroller that he was actually happy laying down in Chris' arms for once.

Elora sat here inside the museum for quite awhile. She was sitting here pointing at the arches and bricks and the courtyard below saying, "they built this a long time ago" (actually it was more like "they built d'is a yyyyyyong yyyyyyyong time 'goooo")

We weren't supposed to take pictures inside. And some museum lady kept appearing around the corner just after everytime the extremely loud shutter of our camera clicked. Everytime you take a picture you pray no one heard it! (Chris always claims he must have missed the large sign with a camera and an X through it)

We uploaded a ton more photos of our Barcelona trip here. The city is amazing with tons to see so check it out. http://www.365daysinzion.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=63351

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