30 November 2008

Barcelona - The birds! The birds!

We found this great park at the end (beginning?) of La Ramblas, a large street with lots of: tourists, shops, street performers, and BIRDS! Elora and Oliver liked all the birds, but it was definitely Elora who had the most fun chasing them.
Watch this video of Elora chasing the birds accompanied by a song from a CD we bought off some street performers. There are lots of muscians playing music on nearly every popular street corner and sometimes on the metro too.


Here is an interesting statue covered in lots of birds and bird "stuff". I think it's strange that so many people go to Placa de Catalunya when there are so many birds flying over their heads. The bushes are white, and it's not frost or snow.

Since we didn't rent a car and spent the entire time walking or taking the train (mostly walking) we ended up holding the kids a lot rather than leaving them stuck in the stroller. Actually we would have preferred to leave them in the stroller if not for the awful noises they made after 4-5 hours sitting in it... As you can see Ollie much preferred this method of transportation. Karen was guilted into carrying him this way with his cute smile everytime you hold him and sad wimper whenever you started to buckle him in the stroller.

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  1. He has got the cutest little smile. What a sweetheart!! I love him! Your photos are amazing!


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