23 November 2008

Barcelona Arc De Triomf + Parc de la Cuitadella

This is a great big elephant in the Parc de la Cuitadella. Neither of us has any clue how to say that word... Queeee-It-e--yyy-a? Eh? Que?
Elora crawled underneath some hedges and was having a blast hiding in places where we couldn't find her. This is a rare photo of the elusive beast. This would be a wonderful photo, with the palm tree, rainbow, fountains, and the magnificent...whatever that is behind the scaffolding. I bet it looks pretty cool. It's huge after all. Our experiences with scaffolding is that it is everywhere we are. I think it's following us. ps - we're not actually bitter, no really, it's just a joke between us that every time we go somewhere famous it's under construction.
Here is the Arc De Triomf. It was just around the alleyway from our apartment. It seems every old city in Europe has a tribute to their military conquests. This one is pretty cool because it's red brick instead of white plaster. Elora liked to run around saying "I'm running under the biiiig arch!"

L'Arc De Triomf a la Luna! (Chris wrote this post, for the most part, tee hee)

We uploaded a ton more photos of our Barcelona trip here. The city is amazing with tons to see so check it out. http://www.365daysinzion.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=63351

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