03 October 2008


This is the cathedral at Stephansplatz. I love the way it looks. Hopefully I will get pictures of the inside one of these days, but we have not spent much time inside yet. Elora likes to go here because there are church bells that ring from at least two churches in the area and she gets really excited to hear the bells. This is just a view of one of the streets near Stephansplatz. There are a lot of really beautiful buildings in this area of Vienna. There are also some fountains, like this one on the left. Elora liked this one because of the lion. She always scares me around fountains though because she always leans over the side, and I know I don't want to swim in the water to fish her out if she falls in...
We got desserts at a Konditorei near the train station. I got this amazing chocolate cake with coconut cream on top (shown above). Apparently Elora thought it was great too, because she pushed aside her berry strudel and started eating my cake. I didn't get much of it and was a little disappointed about it, so Chris' mom bought me another one. Elora grabbed the plate and pulled it in front of her, and proceeded to eat it. I took it back and began to eat some, when Oliver started yelling. I could not figure out why he was so upset, until I realized he only yelled when I was taking a bite of the cake. I let him taste it, which made him kick his little feet in excitement. He then proceeded to cry every time I took a bite without putting a piece in his mouth first. That's my kids - all about the dessert!

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