29 October 2008

The Real Reason We Go To Stephansplatz

The director of Chris' program at school has written in her resume that she enjoys sitting in coffee shops, so Chris asked her to recommend a good cafe. She recommended the Cafe Oberlaa, which was amazing!!! Here are the pastries we tried (the best in Vienna so far). Obviously Elora thought so too, she could not wait for us to take the picture before she started eating. The schokomoussetorte in the front was especially good.
The food was also amazing, so here is a picture of us with our lunch. Strange as it may sound I actually ordered Goulasch, but only because it came with Spaetzle (a German noodle that I love), and it turned out to be the best food I have ever had. Not joking. Chris got the Schnitzel, also super tasty. So if you come visit Vienna, now you know where you have to eat...

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