04 October 2008

A Day in the Park

Today Elora wanted to play at the park, so we found a section of the Palace gardens where there were no signs saying to stay off the grass (in a more secluded area of the gardens) and let her run around. The trees here are the strangest looking pine trees. The bark looks like an animation in a Disney movie. And I love the round bushes! They are so funny. Elora enjoyed chasing the birds, picking up strange berries and sticks off the ground, and finding funny looking bugs that lived in the tree bark.
Elora loves fountains, so we stayed at this one for quite awhile so she could talk to the ducks. There are lots of chestnut trees here too, so she collects the nuts to throw into the fountain for the ducks to eat. Poor ducks, they get excited and swim over to her and she thinks she is being so nice by sharing her "Chest rub nuts" - I am not sure why she calls them that...
Elora wanted to go see the palace, so we let her walk around the outside. She kept asking to go inside, saying "I want to go in the palace! I want to go inside! I want to see the paintings!" the paintings? Strange child, but very sweet. She said she liked the paintings of the horses, soldiers, and the queen. Apparently she was paying attention when we took the tour.

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