29 September 2008


Today we went over to Karlsplatz, which is a church that is now a museum. It was built in the 1700's, and is very beautiful. There is also a nice park there where Elora got to go on the teeter-totter and swings. Then we headed over to this fountain around the corner, which Chris thinks is devoted to the Soviet Union, but we are not sure because everything was in Russian...

Elora liked to run up to the fountain and get the mist on her face. Then she would run away yelling, "I got a yittle (little) bit wet!"

Here is a better view of the pretty fountain. Not sure what the building in the background is, but it looks nice...

Here is Chris strolling down the street, admiring the architecture. This is a really beautiful section of Vienna. Would love to live here, but I don't think we could afford this district!
Elora is staring at the water. I wonder what she is thinking about?
This is the fountain again with the theorized Soviet monument in the background. We should probably do a little research and figure out what this monument is for before publishing our ignorant assumptions... Chris says his assumption is not ignorant, it is a well-founded educated guess. (edit: After some research Christ confirms. Although the fountain was built in the 1870s, the monument behind it was built in 1945 to commerate the Russian liberation of 1945. Kinda strange way to look at what the Russians did in the aftermath of WW2 as liberating, but oh well).
Ollie makes an appearance after taking a little nap in the stroller. He was fascinated by the fountain.
Elora's new hobby is "climbing" trees. She doesn't do much climbing, we just stick her in the tree and she sits there, but she thinks it is really exciting.
Here is the teeter totter... A little bit upgraded from Glendale's, but lacking in country charm. It also doesn't go quite as high. Sigh.
Elora found some nice sticks at the park today, which she used to drum on everything. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl...
This is the church/museum at Karlsplatz.
Elora was really excited about the angel statues. She actually gets excited about all statues she sees. I'm not really sure why, but it is very sweet to hear her ask to go see the statues.

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